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Information on Product Consumption Dates and "Short Date" Markings

Best Before Dates According to EU Regulations

According to European Union regulations, the term "best before" is set: for extra virgin olive oil, a maximum of 12-18 months, and for virgin olive oil, up to 36 months from the date of pouring (not the date of harvest!).

Our Direct Work with Producers

We work only directly with reputable producers, thanks to which we know everything about the production and distribution process. In the store, we mark a specific harvest season, e.g., 2022/2023, and the harvest month. Early harvest, depending on the geographical location, is usually in October, when the most valuable oil is produced. Other oils are harvested in November-January. Industrial production oil may have a long expiry date but can be from earlier harvests or a mixture of old and current harvest olive oil. Each EVOO in our offer has numerous documents confirming its quality, and in the case of oils used for health prophylaxis, all documentation is prepared every season by appropriate scientific units (biochemical analysis, magnetic resonance NMR, HPLC, gallic eq, and many others). "Best before" date and other useful info can be found in the "additional info" tab.

Product Rotation and Pricing

Due to the high rotation of our products, their "expiry/best before" dates are as long as possible. For each product, under the description, you will find information about the date. Despite continuous deliveries and a wide assortment, some minor errors may occasionally arise. Products with a shorter "best before" date and wholesome but with damaged packaging have a "short date" tag. Thanks to excellent logistics, no intermediaries, we offer you the best possible prices, focusing only on the best quality products and natural ingredients. In most cases, the prices we offer are much lower than the same products bought in Greece. If you find the same product at a better price, please let us know. We always issue fiscal receipts or VAT invoices.

Best before    Data przydatności

New Store Platform and Functionalities

The new store platform means many significant changes and new functionalities. We especially encourage you to use product filters. Below is a short presentation of the new store platform.

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